Election Conversations: We’re All Values Voters

September 24, 2008

Under the sponsorship of Interfaith Alliance of Middle Tennessee, “Election Conversations: We’re All Values Voters,” will be on Thursday evening, October 30th, at Blakemore United Methodist Church, 3601 West End Ave., at 6:00 PM.  Supper will be followed by a panel discussion including Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Rev. Jim Kitchens, and others, music by Gene Cotton, questions and discussion. 

Each of us takes commitments and preferences into the voting booth with us.  We all seek what is best for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation.  No group or political party has a monopoly on values.  As we prepare to vote in one of the most significant elections in a long time, these conversations will strengthen our sense of being both citizens and people of faith. 

Cost is $20 per person; $15 for students/persons on limited income.  A ticket to pay for a student is $35.  Contributions to the Interfaith Alliance of Middle Tennessee are always welcome.  Tickets are available by e-mailing iamidtn@gmail.com or calling 615-333-1003.  Deadline for reservations is October17.